digging through the gee-mail

In an email dated March 7, 2007 (I was 22), I wrote this, unedited, to my then-girlfriend, about what I’ve been up to at work while she was away:

Work was such a blur, though. Just did a lot of shit, from organizing dog photos to editing copy to editing pages to interviewing country stars. Oh yeah, I talked to Taylor Swift – a young (17) country star who has a top-10 country hit (Country charts are NOT the real charts, so George Strait says he has 54 No. 1 hits, but NONE of them ever hit the real chart. In fact, none of his songs ever made the Hot 100 Top 20. So he ain’t that big. But in country land, he is. Whatever.)

Anyway, Taylor was okay. Kind of a ditzy blonde. But she is 17. I’ll let her pass. She wants to be huge, evidently. She’s on her way. Oh yeah, she was born near Philly. Hahahaha.

As I recall, she couldn’t remember my name upon calling in. “Who am I talking to, Tom?”


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